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Neishloss & Fleming, Inc.

2275 Swallow Hill Road
Building 300
Pittsburgh, PA 15220

Business Hours

M-Fri: 8:30am – 4:30pm
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Director Level
Chairman Tom Fleming x116
President & Chief Executive Officer Maggie Fleming x128
Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer Bill Kiray x123
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer Jill Henderson x136
Agency Division
Agency Manager Jessica Morgan x161
Agency Manager Amy Wojcik x120
Atlantic Division
Sales Manager Michael Wade x138
Marketing Representative Katherine Facchiano x135
Marketing Representative Eric Purnell x111
Keystone Division
Sales Manager Robert Turnbull x150
Marketing Representative Cydnie Ali x113
Marketing Representative Jake Wockley x114
Sales Manager Mary Ann Cannon x112
North Team
Sales Manager Josh Smith x156
Marketing Representative Adam Holbert x124
Marketing Representative Shalicia Hughes x117
South Team
Sales Manager Katherine Therrien x137
Marketing Representative Monet Smith x122
Marketing Representative Ashley Moore x129
Operations Division
Director of Contracting & Compliance Christine Reith x130
Contracting Coordinator Shannon Gallagher x139
Contracting Coordinator Sarah Kronket x131
Sr. Broker Support Specialist Erin Benson x159
Broker Support Donna Stipp x158
Contracting Coordinator John Feeney x152
IT Specialist Ian Haney x134
Broker Support Coordinator Erin Kozy x110
Visual Designer Catherine Lacerenza x160
HR/Office Administrator Suzanne Markovich x154
Project Manager Justin McBee x132
Commissions Specialist Marianne Villella x127