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So, you’ve completed all of the contracting paperwork, passed all certification exams, and educated yourself on all of the competitive plans in your area…now what? You need to get in front of interested people to sell to and where do you find them? Neishloss and Fleming want’s to help you succeed with our lead program. There are 40.3 million people in the United States age 65 and older. That screams , “Opportunity”. All lead programs and presentations out there are good. But, you must offer something of value to people to encourage them to respond to you. Our leads program has a national return rate of 2%. We will help you create the client base that you need to be the best agent you can be. Remember those who do not try never succeed!

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Lead Concepts

Lead Concepts provides multiple products for your business! From digital printing to direct mail marketing services that get you RESULTS!

Their experienced staff is available to assist you with all of your direct mail marketing needs while providing the highest levels of customer service throughout your program each and every time.

With their on-site mail shop and printing services that ensure quick processing for your projects, Lead Concepts completely controls the quality of your program from start-to-finish.

They also provide professional promotional materials, up-to-date reports on agent response rates, and helpful sales guides to increase agent production.

  • Located in Grapevine, TX
  • Multiple mailers to choose from
  • In house printing
  • 3 week process total
  • Agent can choose age, gender, income, and zip codes
  • Prices vary, please call Neishloss & Fleming, Inc.

Target Leads

Target Leads is a fantastic option for broker for their Direct Mail Lead needs.  In addition to competitive pricing on their Lead Mailings, they offer a state-of-the-art Lead Management system that is a great option both for individual agents and agencies.

Neishloss & Fleming agents can receive 1000 lead pieces for $470.00. Pricing is for the full turn key program and includes the list to mail to with age and income selection, the forms, printing, mailshop, outbound and inbound postage and shipping the leads to agents weekly. Target Leads also scan the leads and uploads them to their website daily at no extra charge for agents to pick up electronically.  They can also data them into their TL LeadManager software for you.

N&F Custom Marketing

The Neishloss & Fleming design department can create custom pieces to help you advertise and market anytime during the year. Visit the Neishloss & Fleming Print Shop to see samples and get ideas for your future marketing needs.

Pricing varies according to project so please contact either Cat Lacerenza or Emily Shafer to discuss.