Custom Marketing is the Key

key to successWith so many Insurance Agents working independently rather than for a big firm, it may be difficult to market yourself and your business.  Neishloss & Fleming has come up with a solution to help all our agents make a big impact when it comes to advertising.

Custom marketing pieces can set you apart, they are the things that people can keep and remember your name. You can keep them on hand to pass out to clients or set the time frame of sending out pieces to make sure clients are receiving them during important times in their life.  The N&F Strategic Development Team has come up with ready-made pieces or will work with you personally to ensure you get a piece that is geared directly towards you and your business.

So what can Neishloss & Fleming create for you?

The Strategic Development Team has created mailers in various sizes, business cards, flyers and company logos.  Each piece can be personalized with your picture and company name.  Are you planning on having meetings? Let our custom mailer tell your clients where you will be and when.

The Ready-Agent site has sample pieces for agents to look over and see what fits their needs.  Just visit the “Leads” page of the site and search through the “N&F Print Shop” and the “N&F Custom Marketing Pieces”.

The best part is Neishloss & Flemings services are completely free! All the agent pays for is the printing costs and/or mailing.  For more details on how to start your custom marketing pieces call Jill or Jamie today at 800-562-7733


About Jamie Guffey

Jamie Guffey is the Marketing & Web Design Assistant at Neishloss & Fleming. Jamie’s duties include maintaining the website, creating posts and banners, create and send out email blasts. Her favorite part of working at Neishloss & Fleming is the atmosphere; she can come into work every day and enjoy the people she works with. Jamie has found organization to be her best friend. Jamie was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. She loves curling up to watch a good movie, riding bikes, and going to the shooting range. When Jamie was 16 she went over to Germany for a foreign exchange program through high school and now can’t wait to do some more traveling.
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