The Personal Touch

Thank You with PenAlthough we are all drawn into technology with texting, Facebook, Twitter, and emails; remember that a personal note to a current or potential client may be worth its weight in gold.

Take a few moments to write a personal note to a current client and thank them for their business. Send a thank you to a new client for their time and their future business. Think about acknowledging clients that have referred business to you. Wouldn’t it be nice to drop them a note expressing your appreciation?  As we are overwhelmed with electronic messages, remember that the pen may be mightier than the keyboard.

Take a moment . . .


About Jill Henderson

Jill Henderson is the Director of Strategic Development. That really cool sounding title means that Jill devises, develops, and delivers a comprehensive strategic and tactical plan for business development and income generation.

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  1. Nicole Mieri December 13, 2013 at 9:09 am #

    It’s so easy to forget about pen and paper. That is why sending someone a personal thank you note or reminding a client that you will be there when needed goes a very long way. It may not only solidify your relationship with that client, but also give them trust and confidence in you which could lead to referrals and additional business!

    It’s nice to get something other than a bill in the mail…

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