What Bad Habits are You Hiding?

Sreputationalesmen do not always have the best reputations. What actions are you doing that may tarnish you reputation? Kelley Robertson expands upon the habits in her article, 7 Sales Habits that Give Salesmen a Bad Name

Try to kick the following habits:

  1. Pitching too soon – First effectively position your product.
  2. Opening your pitch by talking about your company – Skip the company and its accomplishments and focus on the current problem and solution.
  3. Failing to listen – Listed to your clients and understand their perspective.
  4. Not understanding key business issues – Bring insight it will bring client trust.
  5. Not asking enough high-value questions – Give the floor to your client and ask thought provoking questions
  6. Delivering a generic presentation – try to customize your presentation to each client.
  7. Failing to follow through – Deliver promises and increase repeat business.

Don’t let a few dishonorable salespeople impact the impressions your clients have about you.


About Jill Henderson

Jill Henderson is the Director of Strategic Development. That really cool sounding title means that Jill devises, develops, and delivers a comprehensive strategic and tactical plan for business development and income generation.

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  1. Ariel Veltre December 4, 2013 at 8:55 am #

    Great tips, Jill! It’s always good to take a step back from your sales practices and evaluate them to make sure that you are being as effective as possible.

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