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Custom Marketing is the Key

With so many Insurance Agents working independently rather than for a big firm, it may be difficult to market yourself and your business.  Neishloss & Fleming has come up with a solution to help all our agents make a big impact when it comes to advertising. Custom marketing pieces can set you apart, they are […]

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The Personal Touch

Although we are all drawn into technology with texting, Facebook, Twitter, and emails; remember that a personal note to a current or potential client may be worth its weight in gold. Take a few moments to write a personal note to a current client and thank them for their business. Send a thank you to […]

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What Bad Habits are You Hiding?

Salesmen do not always have the best reputations. What actions are you doing that may tarnish you reputation? Kelley Robertson expands upon the habits in her article, 7 Sales Habits that Give Salesmen a Bad Name Try to kick the following habits: Pitching too soon – First effectively position your product. Opening your pitch by […]

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Robots ‘Beam’ Doctors into Remote Hospitals

In an article in Bloomberg Business Week News, Terence Chea provides a glimpse into robotic medicine. The doctor isn’t in, but he can still see you now. Remote presence robots are allowing physicians to “beam” themselves into hospitals to diagnose patients and offer medical advice during emergencies. A growing number of hospitals in California and […]

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