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Seth’s Lead Success Story

We’ve been providing every agent a summary of our Lead Programs implemented for 2013, and how well they have worked for agents across the country.  Here’s a great story about an agent who wasn’t taking advantage of our lead program, and how he wished he started earlier. Meet Seth.  He’s been a high producing agent […]

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How Many MedSupp Products Do You Need?

There are many times in conversations with agents about Medicare Supplement plans that, when asking what products the agent offers, I’ve received this type of response: I write all of my clients with ABC Medicare Supplement.  I don’t need anything else. While there may be one dominant product in a given area, it is not […]

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Three Products to Keep in Your Portfolio

  While the majority of your business might focus on the sale of one specific type of product, it is always good to have a wide variety of options in your portfolio. The ability to offer your clients exactly what they need – and when they need it – can lead to a sale as […]

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