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Seth’s Lead Success Story

We’ve been providing every agent a summary of our Lead Programs implemented for 2013, and how well they have worked for agents across the country.  Here’s a great story about an agent who wasn’t taking advantage of our lead program, and how he wished he started earlier. Meet Seth.  He’s been a high producing agent […]

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How Many MedSupp Products Do You Need?

There are many times in conversations with agents about Medicare Supplement plans that, when asking what products the agent offers, I’ve received this type of response: I write all of my clients with ABC Medicare Supplement.  I don’t need anything else. While there may be one dominant product in a given area, it is not […]

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ABCs of Medicare Insurance – Part 2

I am sure everyone has studied the ABCs of Medicare Insurance Part 1 so I am publishing Part 2 for your reading pleasure. Again, it may seem like a great deal of terms, but I can honestly say . . . . “If I had only known then, what I know now” . . . […]

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Three Products to Keep in Your Portfolio

  While the majority of your business might focus on the sale of one specific type of product, it is always good to have a wide variety of options in your portfolio. The ability to offer your clients exactly what they need – and when they need it – can lead to a sale as […]

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ABCs of Medicare Insurance

  Acronyms “overflowith” in many industries and insurance does not escape the designation. I hate to coin a phrase, but “If I only knew now . . .”   I would have been ahead of the game. Take a moment to review the unending list.  When I entered the insurance industry over a year ago, I […]

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The New Way To Market Your Business

  Social media has become the tool to allow people to learn almost anything they want about one another.  Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many others have made the ability to know what someone is doing every moment of everyday a reality.  As scary as that sounds, what if you used that for the good of […]

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Advantage or Supplement: Which is better?

There is one question I get from agents more often than any other during the course of a week. That question is usually posed to me something like this: Which is better? Medicare Advantage or Medicare Supplement? The answer that I give to agents is one that many don’t initially find satisfying, but ultimately helps […]

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Keep in Touch and Keep Clients

You successfully help a client through the entire sales process, from initial contact, to plan comparison, to final sale.  Everything goes well, and the client is quite satisfied with the purchase. Time goes by, and one day you run into this client at the local grocery store.  He says hello and tells you how he […]

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Going the Extra Mile . . .

GET TO KNOW YOUR CLIENT When meeting with your client, it is important to be personable. Open up the gates of conversation by asking them about their life, achievements, and interests. While conversing, keep in mind that body language often speaks louder than words. Let’s say you are with your client, and she is explaining […]

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Death of the Sales Meeting

Many insurance agents rely heavily on conducting group meetings to grow their sales numbers.  Why?  It is possible to present products to many people at one time, saving in travel expenses and appointment times.  However, we are seeing a consistently lower return for agents in the Medicare market from these types of meetings. Why are […]

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